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Tip leads to large marijuana find in Ohio Co. cornfield

The Ohio County Sheriff's Office said an anonymous tip helped them uncover a large marijuana growing operation in a Dundee cornfield on Tuesday. 

Deputies said they found more than 30 marijuana plants, some six feet tall at the outdoor grow site.

Sheriff David Thompson said the total amount of marijuana found can be sold for thousands of dollars on the street.

"People take the risk at growing because if they don't get caught and are able to cultivate this, they have the ability to make a whole lot of money," Sheriff Thompson said.

 Sheriff Thompson said the spring and summer months are the most popular time of year for growers to plant marijuana in Ohio County. 

"People will call into the sheriff's office and they give us anonymous tips on where they think marijuana is. Obviously, we take those tips very serious and we get out early," Sheriff David Thompson said. 

The sheriff's office said they are going to destroy the marijuana they found and are going to continue to investigate to find out who the marijuana belongs to. 

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