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Police working to combat violence in high-crime neighborhoods

Evansville police say they're working to combat violence in the southeast neighborhoods. 

The department released a shots fired map on Monday. It shows nearly 400 calls so far this year, and many of those on the southeast side. 

Some neighbors say they hear shots late at night and keep their kids inside for their safety. They're asking for more police in the area.

Police Chief Billy Bolin says a tight budget limits the department's ability to increase patrols, but he says officers on foot and on bikes could help open lines of communication.

"Anywhere you have a lower economic standard, you're probably going to have a higher crime. There's a lot of decent people that live in these areas that are just afraid to speak up or afraid to let us know what's going on. Those are the people we're hoping to reach, get them to trust us and be willing talk a little bit more about what's going on," Bolin said.

The Coffee with a Cop event was held Tuesday morning. Chief Bolin says they're a great way to unite the public and police to address concerns or commend officers for a job well done.

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