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Work progressing quickly on new Evansville canoe launch spot

We're learning more about the new launch spot for canoes and kayaks in Evansville.

It's just below Pigeon Creek Bridge off North Green River Road.

Evansville's Rotary Club broke ground on the project nearly two months ago.

You can already see quite a bit of progress at the site. Concrete's been poured and the area's now re-graded.

Rotary board member Dianna Page says with the location of this bridge, crews are taking steps to keep it low maintenance for flood season. She says the Rotary is right on budget with the project, and that some parking spots and extra signs are among the last things left to finish.

"We will have signage," said Page. "I do want to emphasize that because we've heard a lot of feedback that it sneaks up on you and there needs to be really good signage and we're working on that. People will know where to go because it does kind of sneak up on you a little bit as you're coming down Green River Road," she said. "But we definitely will have it ready to go where people can get in a few good days before the cold season really hits."

While this launch spot is usable, the Rotary is asking that people hold off until construction wraps up.

The official launch is set to happen around mid-October.

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