I'm baaaaack!! (Did you miss me?!?)

Hellllloooooo!!  Wow, it's been so long since I've posted, I better make sure I still remember how this website works!  Terrible, I know, but it's been a pretty busy summer!  Truthfully, just about every day around the station is pretty darn busy.  I have a few minutes of downtime right now though while I wait for my first of two stories for the day, so thought I'd shake the virtual dust off this blog and write!! :)

Starting the week off nice and early today, filling in for the pun-tastic Dan Katz on Sunrise.  It's only a one-day stint, though, so that should mean I can catch up on lots of sleep later on!

I knew blogging over the summer was going to be tricky.  Most of the year, it's dark or close to it by the time I leave work.  In the summer though, I can still sneak in an hour (maybe even two if I'm lucky), of daylight after my shift.  Soooo, instead of staying late to update the blog, I've been jetting out!  Not to mention, there's just been a lot of NEWS happening around here lately.  Murder trials and all the tribulations involving the proposed downtown hotel have a way of wearing me out and making me want to jet when I have the chance.  Stick around the newsroom too much and you never know what else will happen that you just may have to cover! (Thankfully that doesn't really happen… at least not usually!)

But, now that fall is (almost) here, it's probably time for me to get out of that summer vacation mode and back into a routine.  I can't promise I'll be posting every day like I did when I first started, but hopefully a few times a week at least!

So, let's see.  So much to talk about!  I think I'll start by sharing some pictures from some stories I covered last week.  They were past "interesting" and headed into "unusual" territory.

And, come to think of it, I completely stumbled onto both of these stories.  They somehow found me instead of the other way around!

First, let me explain the guy with the tractor in the picture below.

I rarely cover any kind of news in Kentucky that happens further south than Henderson. But, last week, a woman gave birth in a car on the side of the road not too far from Owensboro, so I went to the hospital there to interview her.  When I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed (how could you not?) a John Deere tractor with a couple of big signs on it.  I drove on by, until my reporter instinct kicked in a few seconds later, and made a loop back toward the tractor.  There was a guy there, and I asked him what was going on.  He explained that he's riding the tractor from Florida to Michigan to raise money for Riley Children's Hospitals and the Ronald McDonald House.  Cool, right?  So, I got his number, asked if he could wait until I finished with my other story (the baby), and we agreed to meet later to do an interview.  It worked perfectly.  I got another story for our newscasts (we're always looking for as much new local content as possible), and he got some coverage about his endeavors!

Then, last Friday, I was driving through downtown Evansville looking for any new bars/restaurants on Main Street for a story about some new nightlife options coming to town, when I saw a long line of people on the sidewalk.  I wasn't sure what was going on—thought maybe they were waiting for tickets for something, but we weren't by the Ford Center or the Victory or anything.  So, I rolled down the window and shouted over to the line.

"What are you waiting for?,"  I asked, quizzically.

"$20 tattoos", they responded.

Reaaaally.  Well, that's interesting.  Probably more interesting than me writing in dialogue form.  Ha!

Ok, so a line for tattoos is not exactly breaking news, but news doesn't always have to be serious.  It can be fun sometimes.  At least, that's my belief!  So, I pulled around the corner, parked the car and went to work!  It was a promo a tattoo shop was doing for Friday the 13th.  $13 tattoos, plus a "lucky" $7 tip.  Ha, nice way to work it to a good, even number! :)

About 60 people were in line, waiting for the shop to open.  I was told the last time they (the shop) did this, they were doing tattoos all night long and into the next morning!!  Seems crazy to me, but I guess it helps get people in the door and advertise the shop!  To keep the line moving, everyone had to pick from a selected number of tattoos (I think around 140); they couldn't bring in their own designs.  They were pretty basic, and apparently only take a few minutes usually to do.  Everyone seemed in pretty good spirits, so I guess they felt like they were getting a good deal!  (And no, I did not stop to get one for myself.  If you hadn't guessed, I'm not exactly the tattoo type!  :)  Though if I were, I think I'd get a … )

Sorry, not sharing that thought after all!  (Probably to the relief of my grandparents who are my number one and two blog followers! And I thank you guys for that!!)

Ok, well… here's to the return of More to the Story!  Hope you will keep checking back for what I promise will be much more frequent updates!

Until next time,


And, as a yummy P.S… check out this delicious Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt fudge, homemade at Mayse Farm Market on St. Joe!  It was super yummy!  (And I ate all of it in 2 days! Whoops!)  Make it a great day!!!