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Councilman says city is unable to continue hotel project

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An Evansville City Councilman shared his thoughts on the latest downtown convention hotel plans.

Crowe Horwath, the Third Party Company City Council, asked to look into potential hotel developer HCW and sent an email to council members and the Mayor over the weekend.

It says they are unable to continue with the project.

Now the city has to find a way to move forward.

It was an 8-to-1 vote that secured Council's decision to ask Crowe to look into HCW's personal and professional tax information.

After the Mayor shared his support for a deal with the Missouri Hotel Developer, a deal that would give HCW almost $38-million towards pursuing the Evansville Downtown Hotel.

Last night, the city hit a road bump when Crowe pulled from the project saying HCW is giving them unworkable restrictions.

This leaves city council at a standstill.

One group, Citizens of Evansville Against a Taxpayer Funded Hotel, knows exactly what they want to see happen next.

"We're asking the mayor to withdraw his support publicly to follow through with his campaign promise of transparency," said Brad Linzy. "We're also calling for the city council to on their next meeting, which is September 23, to go ahead and convene and hear the vote for the hotel and vote no."

Councilman John Friend says there is a chance a vote could be in the near future.

"I'm getting some feedback from quite a few on council to just go ahead and go forward with the process," said Friend. "Why go ahead and prolong this? The next CPA Firm for whoever would be chosen would run into the same issues."

Now it seems nothing regarding the fate of the downtown hotel project is certain.

14 News got a statement from the Mayor's Office on Sunday.

It said it's his understanding that the city council attorney is still in talks with Crowe and adding that they even have a conference call set up for Monday.

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