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Indiana Rep says there is an increase in the demand for firearms, new gun shop opens

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A new gun store opened in the Tri-State on Saturday.

With an increase in the demand for firearms, some State Representatives are trying to bring gun manufacturers to the area.

Indiana State Rep. are seeking out these gun manufacturing companies, who say they wrote lets to the companies asking them to consider moving to the state where they will have a platform to grow.

"We've talked to them and said Indiana is a great place to do business," said Indiana State Rep. Ron Bacon. "We're the fifth best in the country, our state is. We have a lot of incentives. We have a lot of folks here and we would like for you to consider putting your manufacturing facility in Indiana."

Bacon says some of the gun manufactures are stuck in areas that are less accommodating. He sees this as an opportunity.

"Since the gun folks are having trouble we said, 'Why not go after them?'" said Bacon. "So we are trying to be proactive and see what we can get."

Bacon is hoping to get jobs.

"The State of Indiana has an 8%+ unemployment rate, so we're trying to do everything that we can to bring manufacturing to this state," said Bacon.

"If we can continue to set the bar and exceed it, people will learn and know and continue to know that Indiana is the best place to do business and they will want to relocate here," said Indiana Rep. Wendy McNamara.

There is still much to be discussed before any manufacturing companies move in to the area, but McNamara says if they do decide to come, they will be opened with open arms.

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