Taking a Stand: Downtown Hotel in Evansville

Evansville needs to approve and build a downtown hotel.

The need is obvious to support downtown development with the Convention Centre and Ford Centre.

The research is sound, the advantages are endorsed by our own Chamber of Commerce, Convention Bureau, and the Evansville Economic Development Commission.

And, the facts are clear that the Hotel project will have a positive impact on the downtown area, and recruiting significant private investments.

The hotel projects will put Evansville back on the list to be considered for convention business that helps all of us, adding $10 million to $12 million to our local economy, jobs, increased tax revenue, and increased national visibility.

All of this will help us recruit new industry to Evansville, while showcasing our city as a vibrant place to work and live.

Now, John and David Dunn of the Dunn Hospitality Group, are not in favor of this project. They own a lot of real estate on the east side and many hotels, BUT with all the political posturing and bullying going on with our City Council, outside companies will be reluctant to bid on Evansville projects and the effects will kill the city.

John Dunn has pulled his own support from nonprofit attractions like the Reitz Home and the African American Museum, and the Dunn Hospitality Group has withdrawn their membership from the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana because they oppose their support for the Downtown hotel project.

These organizations are now fearful to answer OUR questions about his withdrawal of funds and membership, and the pulling of the funds could eventually kill these organizations.

At this time, Mr. Dunn has refused to grant on camera interviews to 14 News to explain these actions. Let this be clear. No one person or company should have this much power in a community.

I wonder who else he may have in his pocket. I hope the citizens of this city won't allow Evansville to become a monarchy under John Dunn.

That's my stand. What's yours?