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Restaurant Report: Local Mexican restaurant receives 10 violations

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The latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh Co. Health Department feature critical violations by several local restaurants, including one Mexican restaurant that received a total of 10 violations.

With violations

Taco John's; 2509 Washington Ave

4 non-critical violations

1 critical violation - Can opener soiled

Cambridge; 1034 Beacon Hill Dr

1 non-critical violation

Wolf's; 6600 First Ave

1 non-critical violation

Papa John's; 3681

12414 Highway 41 N

1 critical violation - Food not date marked to reflect 7-day hold

Casey's; 2020 S. Green River Rd

1 critical violation - Cutting boards not being washing, rinsed, and sanitized every 4 hours when in use

Los Bravos; 3534 N First Ave

5 non-critical violations

5 critical violations - Food not held at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or under; Food contact surfaces soiled; Ready to eat food handled with bare hands; Ready to eat food not date marked to reflect 7-day hold time; Proper training not given to prevent risk of food borne illness

Harbor Bay North; 4428 First Ave

3 non-critical violations

2 critical violations - Slicer soiled; Ready to eat foods not date marked to reflect 7-day hold time

Sportsman Billiards & Pub; 2315 W. Franklin St

1 non-critical violation

1 critical violation - Storing can of insecticide with food and single service items in stock room

Ginniya Asian Diner; 4827 Davis Lant Dr

1 non-critical violation

2 critical violations - No sanitizing containers in kitchen for wipe cloths; Soiled knives returned to clean storage

Circle S; 2335 N. Green River Rd

1 non-critical violation

Willow Bowling Center; 1230 E. Michigan St

2 critical violations - Slicer soiled; Plumbing under 3 compartment sink needs repair

Deer Head Sidewalk Cafe; 222 E. Columbia St

1 non-critical violation

Bob's Lounge; 907 N. Fares Ave

1 non-critical violation

Without violations

J Gumbo's; 1211 Tutor Ln

Subway; 200 S. Green River Rd

Manna Mediterranean; 2913 Lincoln Ave

Adele's Farmers Market; 2704 Lincoln Ave

Vineyard; 5721 E. Virginia

Food Market; 1009 S Kentucky Ave

6th St Deli; 10 NW Sixth St

Penn Station; 4827 Davis Lant Dr

Someplace Else; 930 Main St

Pizza Hut; 1357 Covert Ave

Millers Vegetable Stand; 4120 First Ave

Roca Bar Pizza; 1618 S. Kentucky Ave

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