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Work begins on Evansville levee system to repair flood damage

Work begins this week on Evansville's levee system to repair damage from the flooding back in 2011.

Crews are repairing about 2,600 feet of what they call "wave wash."

The river was up for about three months back in 2011. Levee Authority Superintendent Jay Perry says when the river's up that long, it will erode part of the levee creating that wave wash.

The second phase of repairs will fix two "flap gates" at an Evansville pump station. Those gates help to divert water, reducing the flood risk. Officials tell us they'll be replaced to be both more durable and flexible.

Both repairs are 100% federally funded. That's because they're a certified levee and because the damage was incurred during the flood.

Perry says while there's no immediate risk of flooding here, the repairs are certainly necessary.

"We don't want the integrity of the levee to be affected," said Perry. "So if you continue to ignore it then it could get worse. Then there could be a path where the river could get into the city and you could have a levee breach," he said. "But it's got to get a lot worse than what it is now for something like that to happen."

Officials tell us the work will likely take about three to four months.

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