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Gibson Co. resident running boxing ring in residential area


Some Gibson County residents are putting on their gloves and are ready to fight a new neighbor they say is operating a boxing gym in an area not zoned for commercial businesses.

There is a plot of land and a nice pole barn on South Prince Street in Princeton that sits between two homes. City Attorney Jerry Stillwell says they were under the impression that the new owner was going to use it for storage, but after taking a closer look they found a boxing ring inside. 

Neighbor Patrick Driscoll says at first, it looked like just a group of guys were training inside the pole barn, but says the group of guys quickly grew and so did the nuisance.

The city attorney notified the owner back in May that he cannot operate a business in a residential area and the property didn't have a sewer utility connection. The letter gave the owner seven days to cease operation or the city would seek legal action.

But Driscoll says the activity continued through the summer and Princeton police visited the site multiple times for various complaints. Now, some neighbors are fed up.

"The noise, they're running a gym. They do boxing matches. They have no air conditioning so the so the windows and doors are all up. You hear everything that goes on while your sitting in your home and it's just got pretty frustrating," Driscoll said.

Stillwell says he's sending another letter to the owner Thursday morning. He says the owner falsely informed the city on what the building was going to be used for and the owner is breaking several laws.

He says the city will give the owner seven days to stop his activity or he'll be receiving a lawsuit.

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