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Investigation continues into unusual 911 call

Evansville police say their investigation centering around an unusual 911 call is still open. 

Officers say a man called to report an escort he and his friend hired, and paid, wouldn't give them change. 

Police say prostitution isn't what it used to be. There's more technology involved, and even human trafficking issues to keep an eye on.

"I gave her almost $200 because I didn't have no change. I said I want my money back and she said no," the caller said.

The 911 call got a lot of comments, and in some cases, flat out laughs. Many found humor in the situation, but Evansville police say prostitution itself isn't funny. It's a crime.

"Anytime we have somebody offering services as a prostitute, it's an issue for us," EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum said. "This isn't an incident where somebody was assaulted or robbed or anything like that, so the immediate threat to public safety was not there to where we needed to rush an arrest."

Cullum says instead, police will continue their investigation and could pursue arrest warrants.

Police want to be clear that prostitution is illegal, even if it's via the internet like this case involving the 911 call.

No one has been charged with any crimes in the case, but police say there is still an open investigation into what led up to that 911 call. They are investigating both the man who made the call and the woman involved.

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