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TX company believes there's untapped oil near Huntingburg airport

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An energy agent based in Texas believes there is untapped oil near the airport in Huntingburg, and a plan is underway to begin drilling. 

Board member and the founder of Sovereign Natural Resources Rusty Robinson believes there is likely a very large oil deposit underneath the airport and surrounding land. If he's right, it could be a great economic boost for the area.

"We want some folks to take a risk in drilling and properly testing to see what's down there," Robinson said.

Robinson says shallow oil fields have continued to produce oil for decades and believes that no one has reached the large oil reserve that he believes is deep below the surface at the Huntingburg Airport.

"The problem with Indiana is they haven't gone down deep enough to get the oil. The slogan for the Illinois Basin is, 'It's the most drilled, least known formation, or basin, in the world,'" Robinson said.

Robinson says the Tri-State area use to be nothing but a shallow ocean and says millions of years of sediment and glacial pressure has created a large oil reservoir estimated between 4,750 feet below the earth's surface.

"The proposal was to offer to the airport authority the opportunity to combine our property with some other properties out there, and to have his organization go out and market our property to oil and gas exploration," said Travis McQueen, President of the Airport Board.

McQueen says the board took the proposal under advisement at Monday night's meeting.

McQueen tells 14 News that the board needs to see further references that back-up Robinson's oil claims. He says they need to research how drilling here would affect the airport's operations.

"We would have some very strict height restrictions for, even if it was adjacent property. I think his gist is he can punch down through the ground close by and still extract potential oil underneath the airport," McQueen said.

The next airport board meeting is October 14.

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