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Could New Harmony Bridge be reopening?

The bridge has been closed since May 2012. The bridge has been closed since May 2012.

The New Harmony Toll Bridge has been closed since May 2012, but a recent meeting indicates a reopening could be near. 

On Monday, the New Harmony Town Council met with Citizens for Reopening the Harmony Way Bridge, a group of Illinois and Indiana residents petitioning for the bridge to be reopened. 

The White County Bridge Commission, a private group, owns the bridge and wants to sell it to a public group for $1. 

The citizens group suggests the town buy the bridge, using bonds to pay for it, then ultimately repaying the bonds through toll money. This would mean the toll price would be raised from $1 to$2.50. 

At this point, the town council is considering the group's idea. 

One council member says businesses on both sides of the bridge are suffering and opening the bridge would be beneficial for all. 

"Our merchants will see a return of that traffic flow that they so critically depend upon. Our citizens will have the link to and the freedom to cross the bridge to Illinois and to shop over there," said Andrew Wilson, a member of New Harmony Town Council.

No word yet on when the council will meet again to continue bridge discussions. 

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