Witness speaks about weekend car chase that ended in Henderson

Justin Brewer, 25. (Source: Henderson County Jail)
Justin Brewer, 25. (Source: Henderson County Jail)

An Evansville shooting led to a car chase that ended in Henderson on Saturday.

25-year-old Justin Brewer was arrested after reportedly shooting a man, stealing his car, and then crashing that car.

Chris Sanders, of Boonville, said he was in a car with his pregnant wife and two children near the intersection of Highway 41 and Shawnee Drive when an Evansville police officer drove into the middle of the road blocking traffic.

Just moments later, Brewer sped through.

Sanders told 14 News that had the officer not done that, his family could have been severely hurt.

"At first it was kind of just an unreal experience, and then my wife started thinking more about it. We had a lot to think about just with our family, much less everyone else who was around us in their vehicles. Just grateful that the outcome was what it was and it wasn't much worse. I'm glad it ended without anyone else being hurt," Sanders said.

Chris says he does feel a bit safer knowing Brewer is off the streets. Brewer is in the Henderson County Jail facing a number of charges.

No word yet on what Evansville police plan to charge him with.

The shooting victim was a 22-year-old foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia who attends the University of Evansville. Authorities say he was taken to St. Mary's and it expected to be alright.

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