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Officials taking second look at dips in Green River Rd.

Two years ago, more than $25 million of work was completed on Green River Road in Vanderburgh County, and it didn't take long for drivers to notice problems. 

Now, county commissioners are trying to determine which of the five companies that collaborated on the project are at fault for the dips in the road that make a bumpy ride. 

The road project on Green River north of Lynch Road began in 2008 and ended in June 2011. It took about three years and $25.1 million to complete. It only took a few months for the road to start falling apart. 

"About August 2011 is when we saw that there'd been some settlement on the northeast corner of the Pigeon Creek Bridge and the bridge railing had cracked. There was a noticeable depression at the north end of the bridge," County Engineer John Stoll said. 

Stoll said his office waited until the road had stopped moving to take action on getting it repaired.

Commissioner Marsha Abell said the taxpayers shouldn't be footing the bill for a project that wasn't up to par because experts estimate a high price tag. 

"Costs we've seen so far vary from a couple hundred thousand on up to a couple of million, so it varies depending on the scope of the repairs," Abell said.

Commissioner Abell said they gave the contractors involved two options. They were either agree to fix and pay for the problems or the county is prepared to file a lawsuit.

"Are they going to fix it to the standard we've been told it should be? If we find out there's a discrepancy in that and we take anything less, what kind of warranty are we going to have on the repair job?" Abell asked.

The county hired an independent engineering firm to identify the shortfalls in construction. Officials will use that report to determine responsibility. 

Officials said if one or more of the companies don't come forward to fix and pay for the repairs, they'll be looking at that independent report to determine who is at fault and will be suing that company. 

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