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Downtown residents concerned after gunshots outside their kids' windows

Gunshots were heard in Downtown Evansville on Saturday and residents are growing more and more concerned about the safety of their children. 

One parent heard gunshots fired right outside her house and the other actually had a bullet go through his window.  Both of them are a little bit rattled.

"My daughter picked up a bullet and brought it to us and that's how we found out that it was a bullet," said Joseph Leslie.

Leslie's daughter found the bullet in her nine-year-old brother's bedroom. It had gone through his window.  

"He was really shook up. We told him that the guy was caught and that it was an accident so he's starting to move on now," Leslie said.

A little lie to bring some peace to his little man.

"The police think it came from the road behind us. They shot a laser through the window and they think they pinpointed it to the road, but you know there's no way of knowing for sure. I think it was six shots. I don't know where the other shots went," Leslie said.

Missing shots and stray bullets are not something that a parent ever wants to have to worry about.  

"It's kind of getting out of hand over here. You can't have kids living like this," said Catherine Goad. 

After hearing gunshots outside of their bedroom window in the family's Jackson Avenue home on Saturday night, Goad's children are living in fear.

"My kids are scared to even go to the restroom or go to sleep in their bed," Goad said.

She says that her and her husband may need to start looking for a new home in a safer neighborhood.  

"There's little kids riding their bikes through the neighborhood all the time and you don't know when someone's just going to be ridiculous and do something to them for no reason," Goad said.

The Evansville Police Department was called to both scenes, but without any witnesses, they say there's not much more that can be done to find out where exactly these bullets came from. 

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