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Couple died riding in poker run has same event held in their honor

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Friends of a husband and wife who were killed while riding a poker run in later August host another poker run in the couple's honor.

Randy and Cleta Shadrick lost their lives while they were trying to improve someone else's: a little girl named Lilly Jennings.

Lilly had recently lost her father in an accident and the Shadrick's were riding to raise money for her. Something that their children say was not unusual for them.

"They were always wanting to help," said Randall Shadrick.

"That's just what mom and dad did," added Crystal Hobgood. "they were always participating in event to help, especially families and children."

Participation -- something that the Evansville community knows a thing or two about.

A good thing, but also emotional, especially for the mother of Lilly.

"They came out to help my daughter and I feel like I need to be here for them too," said Tera Collins.

A feeling shared by many who knew the Shadricks and even many who didn't.

"There's a lot of strangers who came out and they just want to support the community and that's what today's all about: supporting the family," said Tera.

The Shadrick's children, although they say they were not surprised by the support, do admit they were overwhelmed by it.

"This support is pretty amazing," said Crystal.

"I knew it'd be big, but I didn't think it'd be this big," said Randall.

It was a big ride. A ride that their children think they would've been proud of.

"They're most definitely looking down on us and smiling," said Crystal. "That's for sure."

The money raised by this poker run will be used to pay for the Shadrick's funeral expenses and their headstones.

Any money left over will go to the Easter Seals in their name.

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