McConnell heaps praise on Bunning ahead of primary

Some three years after helping to push baseball Hall-of-Famer Jim Bunning out of the U.S. Senate, Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is singing his praises as a political leader who wasn't afraid to stand up for his beliefs in Washington, even when it meant standing alone.
McConnell, facing a GOP primary challenger and wanting to shore up support from Bunning devotees in Republican-rich northern Kentucky, used a lecture to praise Bunning's political accomplishments at Northern Kentucky University on Friday.
When polls showed Bunning in danger of losing his Senate seat ahead of the 2010 election, McConnell and other GOP leaders pressured the irascible Kentuckian to step aside.
But Bunning remains popular among northern Kentucky Republicans, and McConnell knows that paying homage to him in this neck of the woods has its benefits.

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