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Morganfield Police Chief receives termination letter

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Morganfield, Kentucky's Police Chief is now without a job. 

It's confirmed that Chief John Shofner has been terminated from his position.

John Shofner has been in law enforcement in Union County for around 20 years, according to a source close to the former Morganfield Police Chief. He worked as an officer in Sturgis and moved to Morganfield in 2011. He became chief of police in January 2012, but that all ended on August 26 when Shofner received a termination letter from Morganfield Mayor, Bill Young. 

14 News got a copy of the letter. It says, "It is my belief that the low morale and loss of employees is due to your gruff management style. The city would like to take the department in a different direction at this time and I believe that in order to do so effectively, the department needs a new police chief. Please return all city-owned equipment to the city administrator immediately."

No one from the city would speak on camera, but we did track down a close friend of Shofners.

"I know of him as stern, hardworking, respectful person, and everybody here can agree with that, but never gruff management. Never," Shofners friend said.

The friend says Shofner gave speeding tickets to the mayor and a city councilman's wife. She believes Shofner was just doing his job. 

"I mean that's the only explanation for it. Everybody knows here how his work ethic is and it wasn't really necessary to put it as gruff management," his friend said.

Morganfield, which is considered a fourth class city in Kentucky, gives the mayor the right to make all employment decisions , including firing the chief of police. We reached out to Shofner, but he declined to comment. 

14 News also put in an open records request to get more information on the staffing of the Morganfield Police Department. We will continue to investigate and update you on what we find. 

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