Statement from Crossroads Christian Church on Boy Scout Troop 322

With deep sorrow and, at the same time considerable pride, we would like to inform you that Boy Scout Troop 322 be no more as of February 2014.

The troop's demise has been brought about by two factors. The first of these is membership. There were only nine Scouts at Summer Camp 2013, and one of these finished his time with the Troop at the close of camp. With only eight scouts, it is impossible to operate by the Patrol Method which, you will recall, was always the cornerstone of the Troop.

The second factor is associated with the Boy Scouts of America's new Membership Policy which is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2014. Without going into detail about the policy, let us say that both the new policy and what it implies about the future direction of the BSA are in conflict with certain doctrinal positions of Crossroads Christian Church, Troop 322's Chartered Partner. The Troop leaders and the Church leadership have agreed that it would be problematic for Crossroads to continue a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America so the Troop 322 and Cub Scout Pack 322 charters will not be renewed in February 2014.

At the current time, the Troop leaders, the remaining eight Scouts, and their parents are investigating transferring the Scouts to another Troop. We hope that all of them will transfer together but, of course, where to transfer is ultimately the choice of the Scout and his parents. We plan to offer our considerable amount of equipment to the Scouts new Troop(s) and to other Scouting units who can put it to good use. Likewise, the two Christmas Tree lots will be offered to other Scout units.

We are extremely proud to have been associated with Troop 322, as a Scout and as Scoutmasters for the past many years. The record compiled by the Troop over the past 30-plus years is enviable: _____Eagle Scouts, 28 years conducting our own Summer Camp, Weekend trips to innumerable places within hundreds of miles from Evansville, High Adventure expeditions to Canoe Base, Catalina Island, Kentucky Lake, Washington DC, England and Scotland, and, of course, Philmont. We can only guess at the number of boys whose lives we have touched and who have touched ours.

They say all good things come to an end and it is certainly true in this case. We believe that Troop has been an exceptionally good thing and its end is quite painful. One thing is certain though, and that is how happy we are to have crossed paths with all of Troop 322's Scouts, leaders, and friends, and how incredibly proud we are of all of you.

Be Prepared

Phil Gerhart and Ray Wheeler