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Warrick Co. schools hope to pump more into education by saving on healthcare costs

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There's a plan in the works to save one Tri-State school corporation big money and improve the well being of its students and employees. 

If that plan for Warrick County Schools goes through, it's own nurse, doctor, and pharmacy could help save the corporation some serious cash.

"We're excited about offering the opportunity to our employees," said Brad Schneider, the Warrick County School Corporation.

Besides its classrooms and athletic fields, Castle South Middle School could soon be home to Warrick County Schools' first independent Health and Wellness Clinic to help combat it's rising healthcare costs.

"In the end, that's really what we're trying to do is reduce the cost of healthcare or at least contain the cost of healthcare now and in the future," Schneider said.

In 2012-2013, the corporation paid out $8.5 million in premiums for it's roughly 700 insured full-time employees.

Schneider says the clinic set to open March first could help cut those employees' insurance claims and save the corporation some of the millions it's paying out.

"This is not closing out their existing health care plan," Schneider said. "But we are hoping that they will give the health clinic and wellness clinic a try, again to help curb those expenses."

North Posey Schools opened it's own clinic in January. Superintendent Todd Camp says it's been a huge success.

An outcome the Warrick County School Corporation is hoping to see as well.

"It's going to put money in the pockets of our employees, make them healthier employees. So, we're excited about it," Schneider said.

The clinic could be made available to all employees. Right now, the corporation is waiting on a finalized contract to present to the school board for approval.

If all goes well, a second clinic could open in Boonville next September.

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