Kentucky's governor is calling a special legislative session October fifth, to deal with the issue of teacher's health care costs. The Kentucky education association proposed a one day walk-out after the governor announced plans to raise health care premiums for all state employees. And a strike in October if their demands aren't met. Right now, teachers don't pay for individual benefits, only family plans. That would change under the governor's new proposal. Teachers will have to pay for individual benefits and a big increase in family plans. But local school officials say a walk out will only hurt students.

While teacher Ryan Williams' first grade class at Cravens Elementary School in Owensboro gets a lesson in addition, Williams is learning all about subtraction. "With the pay raise we got this year, it's not going to cover what we're going to have to pay for our insurance."

Kentucky teachers are being asked to shoulder the costs of skyrocketing insurance premiums... A double whammy for Williams whose wife is also a teacher. The Kentucky education association has asked school districts to allow employees to stage a one day walk-out next Monday, a notion that isn't going over Weill with school boards around the state. Like every other tri-state superintendent i spoke with, Owensboro city is taking a wait and see approach to the proposed walk out and to the possibility of a longer strike next month. Once again governor Fletcher has called a special legislative session October fifth to have lawmakers take up the issue. There is some good news though for retired teachers. The governor says their retirement benefits will increase by 2.3 percent to ease health insurance costs.