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Gas station canopy blows over in morning storms

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The canopy blew over in the strong winds Sunday morning in Owensboro. The canopy blew over in the strong winds Sunday morning in Owensboro.

Storms last night blew through the Tri-State area causing all kinds of damage.

The canopy of an Owensboro gas station was blown over in Sunday morning's storm. No one was injured, but the store's surveillance video shows that there was a truck nearby just minutes before.      

It happened at the Even Steven's Gas Station at the corner of Burlew Boulevard and Old Hartford Road around 12:30 Sunday morning.  

Helen Coker, the District Manager for the Even Steven stores in Owensboro, came to work on Sunday and saw the gas station canopy resting on the ground. 

"People were pulling in to take cover because the way it looked on the camera. The rain was so hard people probably couldn't even see to be driving,"  

Coker says the employee working at the time, Katrina, was running around trying to keep things under control.

"Poor Katrina was in a panic. It scared her to death. She was on the phone with 911 at the same time she is grabbing towels trying to put them under the door," Coker said.

Coker says the rain started coming into the store, but thanks to Katrina, nothing other than the canopy was damaged.

"Katrina was trying to handle the whole thing and she did a great job," Coker said.

But in Evansville, Cholivan Davenport had less to laugh about. A tree had fallen on his house around 11:00 Saturday night, knocking out the power. He'd been without it for more than 12 hours.

"I couldn't even get sleep last night, so I didn't go to sleep until around 4:00 in the morning," Davenport said.

Crews were out there Sunday afternoon fixing power lines and power should be back on by Sunday night.

Both Davenport and Coker say they are thankful that the damages were not any worse.

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