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Muhlenberg County coaches resign after using foul language towards football team

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Three Muhlenberg North County Middle School football coaches have resigned following an incident on a bus after a Tuesday night game.

The three coaches used foul language towards the middle school football players after a game against McLean County Middle School.

According to Muhlenberg County Schools, no students were harmed in the incident, just that the coaches used bad language in front of them.

The school accepted the resignation of the coaches, who have not been named.

On Friday, it's been confirmed that two of the coaches were paid employees, the third being a volunteer.

"Its certainly not the first time that you would've had people use language that shouldn't of been used, but its inappropriate and we do not tolerate that, that's not right to talk to kids like that," said Sonny Fentress.

Fentress would not say if the coaches were forced to resign or if they did it willingly.

Staff from Muhlenberg County High School are helping the middle school team for the time being.

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