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Landmark policy change by DOJ could open door for KY hemp

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In a landmark ruling the Justice Department has reversed its policy and will honor state laws regarding regulated marijuana sales.

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, a national leader in the industrial hemp movement, believes the ruling includes the production of industrial hemp.

"It's about time! This is a major victory for Kentucky's farmers and for all Kentuckians," said Comer. "Two years ago, the Obama administration would not even discuss the legalization of industrial hemp, but through a bi-partisan coalition of Kentucky leaders, we forced their hand."

Comer said the passage of Senate Bill 50, the industrial hemp bill spearheaded by Comer and sponsored by state Sen. Paul Hornback, was key to ensuring that Kentucky was ready to move when this ruling was issued.

Comer said that Brian Furnish, chairman of the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission, has called a meeting of the group for September 12. Both Comer and Furnish will urge the Commission to move forward with the administrative framework established by the Senate Bill.

"My hope is that we can issue licenses and get industrial hemp in the ground within a year," said Furnish.

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