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Your week in music: Another ballad? Nope, Celine Dion debuts dubstep-esque song

'Loved Me Back To Life' is the first single off Celine Dion's upcoming album by the same name, due out in November. (Source: Anirudh Koul/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons) 'Loved Me Back To Life' is the first single off Celine Dion's upcoming album by the same name, due out in November. (Source: Anirudh Koul/Flickr/Wikimedia Commons)

(RNN) – Erase everything you know about Celine Dion.

The quintessential singer of big ballads like the Titanic theme song and The Power of Love brings her power vocals and multi-octave range back for the first time in six years.

On a club-worthy, dubstep-esque dance track.

Don't adjust your screen. You read that correctly.

Loved Me Back To Life features a bass-heavy beat and a soaring chorus and is the first single off her upcoming album by the same name, to be released in November. She promises it will be her edgiest project to date.

"I'm not trying to reinvent myself. I don't want people to think, 'This is a brand-new Celine,' but I am at a place in my career where I'm 45, I'm at the peak of my life, and I've never felt like this before. I want to have a good time," she told Billboard.

We predict a lot of windows down/stereo up/in the car karaoke sessions.

And we're guessing Loved Me Back to Life isn't the end of the surprises. She duets with Ne-Yo on one of the album's tracks.

Keith Urban album stream

Keith Urban is heading back to the American Idol judge's chair - more on that below. But he's also got a brand-new album on the way, one he's leaking a week early on iTunes.

Fans of Mr. Nicole Kidman can stream Fuse until its release on Sept. 10.

The album features rock-inspired riffs with crossover appeal and appearances by Miranda Lambert and Eric Church.

Hear the leak at http://itunes.com/keithurban.

Beach Boys sound check interrupts wedding

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows no matter how much you plan, something is bound to go wrong. For one Ohio couple, the mistake came in the form of the Beach Boys.

As Cleveland couple Mark Kent and Jaime Diadium exchanged their vows, God Only Knows (What I'd Be Without You) started playing quite loudly next door at the Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica.

According to The Plain Dealer, the couple was OK with the interruption due to the fact the song was quite fitting.

"It was awesome and perfectly timed. God Only Knows will likely be our official song now," Diadium told The Plain Dealer.

When the Beach Boys got wind that their warm-up interrupted a wedding, they apologized and invited all of the wedding guests to their concert, free of charge.

Wedding guests made their way back and forth from the reception to the concert throughout the night but one of the highlights came at the very end.

After the reception, the bride took a moment to make her way over for the last few songs of the concert. She was automatically escorted to the front and Beach Boy Bruce Johnston gave her a guitar pick.

After staying for a song, she turned to leave and was stopped by stage managers who had one last surprise. They escorted her up on the stage where she played the tambourine next to Mike Love as he sang Fun, Fun, Fun.

After seeing how positively it worked out for Mark and Jaime, we'd probably be OK if the Beach Boys interrupted our weddings as well. Talk about one for the books.

American Idol announces dream team panel for season 13

After a very drama-filled 12th season, the upcoming 13th season of American Idol is shaping up to be drastically different - for the better.

Fox has officially announced Harry Connick Jr. as the third judge for season 13, joining Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban.

The multi-talented jazz musician makes a strong addition, and has served as both mentor and performer on American Idol in the past.

With a panel comprised of classic talent and drama-free personalities, it's apparent the show is taking a different route this season - one that just might appeal to those viewers who lost interest.

Season 12 of the hit music show brought an ongoing feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj that didn't appeal to many of the show's viewers, which showed in the season finale's low ratings.

Fox also announced Randy Jackson will be returning as the in-house mentor and Ryan Seacrest will continue to host.

Season 13 production began on Tuesday, Sept. 3 and the season will officially kick off in January.

Here's to hoping the dream team of judges can turn American Idol around, and bring it back to its glory days.

Sandra Boynton brings big names to fifth album

Sandra Boynton, a popular cartoonist and children's book author, teamed up with composer and pianist Mike Ford to write and produce her first country music album, with some mighty big names attached.

Frog Trouble, Boynton's fifth album, includes songs by artists such as Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Ryan Adams, Ben Folds, Alison Krauss and Kacey Musgraves.

We have to admit it's a little odd hearing such well-known artists singing children's songs, but we don't hate it. Anyone remember being mind blown by how good Jack Johnson's Curious George soundtrack was? Just like Johnson on that album, each artist brings their own flare to the songs that children and adults alike will enjoy (imagine adult-friendly tunes with children-friendly lyrics).

If you want a small sample, NoiseTrade currently has three of the tracks available for free - Kacey Musgrave's Heartache Song, Ryan Adams' When Pigs Fly and Ben Folds' Broken Piano.

Boynton also recorded a behind-the-scenes video of her and Ford's cross-country journey to visit each artist and record their individual songs. 

Boynton has released each of her five albums as illustrated book-and-CD sets, and Frog Trouble will be no different. Three of the albums were certified Gold. Her second album, Philadelphia Chickens, was named a New York Times Bestseller and nominated for a Grammy.

You can view every site Frog Trouble is available for purchase on Boynton's website.

New Releases

Nine Inch Nails: Hesitation Marks - Sept. 3

John Legend: Love in the Future - Sept. 3

Rod Stewart: Rarities - Sept. 3

Ariana Grande: Yours Truly - Sept. 3

Ellie Goulding: Halcyon Days - Aug. 27

Mandisa: Overcomer - Aug. 27

Stellar Kart: All In - Aug. 27

Alabama: Alabama & Friends - Aug. 27

For King and Country: Hope is What We Crave Live - Aug. 27


Sheryl Crow - Feels Like Home - Sept. 10

Keith Urban - Fuse - Sept. 10

Gloria Estefan - The Standards - Sept. 10

Icona Pop - This Is: Icona Pop - Sept. 24

And finally ...

Pachabel's Canon in D is one of the most instantly recognizable wedding songs, second only to Bridal Chorus (commonly referred to as Here comes the bride).  

But it's never been played quite like this before.

When Jordan Strauss, a music teacher, and his wife tied the knot earlier this year, they wanted to incorporate pieces of themselves into the ceremony.

Strauss and his groomsmen cranked up the distortion and played Canon with electric guitars.

And then ... well, we won't spoil it.

We'll just say the couple who plays together, stays together.

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