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Rev. Brooks says he has no plans of stepping down

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Reverend Adrian Brooks tells 14 news that he has no plans to step down as a public official. 

The FOP has called for his resignation as the President of the Police Merit Commission due to his behavior and conduct regarding the George Madison Jr. case.

Brooks says the claims by the FOP are disheartening, saying, "The union should be more concerned with fighting crime," than trying to destroy his character.

"We tonight are putting basically a couple people up to talk about their experience tonight at city council," Brooks said in a voicemail message.

That voicemail was intended for George Madison Jr., but mistakenly left on a police officer's phone.

"You can speak from that perspective of how disheartening it is be subjected to that," the voicemail continued.  

The message was released to 14 News by the Evansville Fraternal Order of Police

"I think it's obvious in the phone call that he coached George Madison, or attempted to," said Larry Nelson, the President of the FOP.

"There was no coaching in there. I was telling him basically, speak from your heart," Brooks said. "Anybody who has been handcuffed and harassed by the police and threatened; I think telling them, 'speak from your heart' is what you want them to do." 

Nelson claims Brooks alleged behavior at Monday's city council meeting is reason for him to resign as President of the Police Merit Commission.

"We at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 73 feels that Rev. Brooks cannot be fair or impartial objective to matters concerning the Evansville Police Department," Nelson said.

But Brooks says the EPD has made mistakes and he's staying put.

"If they want a robot to serve on the police merit commission then they ought to put that in the job description," Brooks said. "I will be at those meetings like I have been for the last 13, 14 years and serving like I do. That's what I do. I serve," Brooks said. 

City Council President Connie Robinson says she won't step down. She admits being emotional at the meeting, but says she's shown leadership and professionalism in her job as council president.

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