McLean County teacher accused of child abuse

A McLean County family is keeping their three year old son home from school after he came home with a bruise on his face.

The family says his teacher at Sacramento Elementary physically abused him. They say she hit him on the head with a pan and put a hot wash cloth on his head.

"We're very angry, all of us, very angry," says Damon's grandmother who didn't want to be named. She can't believe what happened.

She says, "We were told that she (the teacher) has been jerking him around a lot too, his arm, but apparently she's been doing all the kids like that."

Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, says his daughter is in the same class as Damon. He also kept his child home today.

"It's heartbreaking, its hard enough to send your child to school on their first day when they're four years old as it is and to let alone be a week into school and to hear something like this happen, its just a parents worst nightmare," says  the parent.

The parent talked to the principle of the school today. He asked him if the teacher in question is still working and the principle said that she was.

McLean County Schools released a statement saying, "We are currently doing an internal investigation as well as an investigation from an outside source. Therefore, we cannot comment on any aspect of the situation due to the ongoing investigation."

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