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Sen. Rand Paul says Syrian war has no clear connection to national security

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Few doubt that President Barack Obama is preparing for a U.S.-led military action to retaliate for what the Obama Administration says was a deadly chemical weapons attack perpetrated by the Syrian government.

Lawmakers from both political parties have called on Obama to consult Congress before taking action.

On Wednesday,  Kentucky Senator Rand Paul weighed in on the situation with the following statement today regarding reports of potential military action by the Obama Administration in Syria: 

"The United States should condemn the use of chemical weapons. We should ascertain who used the weapons and we should have an open debate in Congress over whether the situation warrants U.S. involvement. The Constitution grants the power to declare war to Congress not the President.

"The war in Syria has no clear national security connection to the United States and victory by either side will not necessarily bring in to power people friendly to the United States," Sen. Paul said. 

Although Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the U.S. military is in position to strike as soon as Obama gives the order, the administration has yet to release a promised intelligence report formally linking Assad to the attack.

That report would provide a key rationale and underpinning for the administration's assertion that a game-changing response was warranted.

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