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Sewer dispute causing headaches in Warrick Co.

The Chandler Town President wants Warrick County Commissioners to take action over a sewer dispute in the county. 

Right now, both Chandler and the City of Newburgh require residents within certain boundaries of the county to connect to their respective sewer systems. The problem is some land falls into both boundaries.  

Currently, two businesses are hoping to move into the area, but these conflicting ordinances are causing them headaches. One of those business owners, says more than anything, he just wants a decision to be made.  

"We just want this resolved between the two town because we have been stuck for the last two years," business owner Mohammad Hussain said. 

"Any opinion, you'd have to get from the commissioners, I can't speak for them. I only ask that they take the well being and the growth of the county into consideration," said Brian Lucas, the Chandler Town President.  

Lucas says the conflict started after two businesses wanted to move into the area. The Town of Chandler has had 160 residential services in the overlapping area since their ordinance was passed.

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