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Mt. Vernon residents might be paying more for trash pickup soon

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Mount Vernon is taking a second look at its trash pickup system because council members say it's too expensive for the city to maintain. 

City residents should expect some changes to their trash pickup system, after a study finds its costing Mount Vernon way too much money.

City Councilman Andy Hoehn says Mt. Vernon is charging the minimum fee for trash pickup. It comes out to about $8.60 a month per resident.

He says the rest of the cost is supplemented with property taxes, so people pay about $18 a month.

Hoehn says the cost of manpower and gas continues to go up, but residents have still been charged that minimum amount.

Something the city council is now looking to change.

"Do we need to go outside and maybe subcontract and look at what other companies would charge if they come in and take the entire thing over?" said Hoehn. "So we're putting together numbers to see, you know, where that falls. Hopefully our council will simply follow the numbers and it'll be a pretty straightforward decision," he said.

A decision could be made as soon as their next city council meeting.

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