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Memories live on in Grayville High School alumni after old building burns

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Many who graduated from the old Grayville High School say even though the building was destroyed by a massive fire, their memories will still live on.

The Little Wabash Fire Chief, Rob Spencer, says arson was the cause of the fire at the old high school Saturday night.

The investigation is still ongoing.

Former Grayville High School students were not shy explaining the impact the school had on their lives and about the presence that it had in the community for nearly a century.

"It was a great school to go to," said Daniel Fiscus. "All the kids were to tight and together."

Last year, Fiscus took a walk through to halls of his old high school.

"I felt like I was overseas in a bombed out area," said Daniel. "Its very difficult because there were so many memories from this school that to see it gone is going to be a big change because I used to come by here every year to take pictures of it. As it demolished and as it deteriorated over the years, I used to take pictures of it."

He says most of the building was in ruins even before the fire, but not the gym.

"It was like it was," said Daniel. "Everything was still there. I remember all the plays and stuff they did on the stages, just a lot of memories."

Memories that became more and more real.

"Just walking through the halls, you could almost hear the kids laughing and having a good time as they're going between classes," said Daniel.

The loss has left a huge void in the Grayville community, but for some, it was the perfect ending to this story.

"If it had to go, probably blaze of glory was the way for it to go," said Patrick Seil.

All day Sunday, South 2nd Street was busy with everyone passing by to get one last look of what remains of the old Grayville High School.

It was a site to see and one they will probably never forget.

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