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Over 900 Henderson volunteers helping feed children in need

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Talk about a special delivery. More than 900 volunteers in Henderson are taking part in an event to feed children in need. 

The parking lot was full, the gym was full, so many volunteers coming together to make a difference in the life of a child.

The Feed My Starving Children organization and the Henderson community were busy making food packages on Saturday, packages that will be sent to malnourished children in other countries.  

An opportunity given to the community by one couple, an opportunity that the community ran away with.

"I went over to the first shift and Jill went over to the second shift. It was just exciting," said Thomas Logan who funded the project. 

These shifts took place many months ago, not in Henderson but in Florida, at an event similar to this one.

"We got a lot out of it," Logan said.

Logan and his wife decided to bring their experience back to Henderson. They funded the project, providing the money needed to buy all $22,000 worth of supplies.

"That will feed 101 children for an entire year or it will give out 100,000 meals," Logan said.

An accomplishment that the volunteers did not take lightly.

"Everyone is so pumped that they've been able to do something to help these children and these families," volunteer Augusta Evans said.

The individual tasks were small, scooping, collecting, sealing, but when combined, the results were huge.

"That bag still will feed six kids or a child for a week, but that cup is so powerful that it will take them from skin and bones to relative health," supervisor Kevin Ewing said.

Health from one child to another.   

"We just came to help the community and help the world," said Maric Stinson. 

The food packages will be sent to a warehouse in Chicago first, but from there, they will go out to another country where there are children in need.

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