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Henderson robbery victim still shaken, now unemployed

Channing Duval Channing Duval
Andrew Harris. (Source: Henderson County Corrections Center) Andrew Harris. (Source: Henderson County Corrections Center)
Eddie Carbon. (Source: Henderson County Corrections Center) Eddie Carbon. (Source: Henderson County Corrections Center)

The victim of a Henderson robbery is still shaken, and now, unemployed. 

Around 9:00 Thursday night, Channing Duval was robbed at gunpoint while he was working at Swifty's Gas Station on South Green Street. 

The suspects, Andrew Harris and Eddie Carbon, are in jail facing charges, and Swifty's got all its money back.

But on Friday night, Channing tells 14 News that he's still scared and now jobless.

"It's just a normal job, and out of nowhere it became not so normal anymore," Channing said. 

Channing worked at Swifty's for about four months. He says he was a good employee, only missing one day of work. He never expected that he would become the victim of an armed robbery on the job that would somehow lead to being unemployed. 

"I can't think straight really. It's hard to. I haven't slept. I haven't eaten, and then I wake up at 1:30 and get a call saying that I'm fired," Channing said.

Channing says Swifty's has a rule that attendants can't have more than $75 on them when they're working. He believes he had more than $300 on him when he was robbed. 

Channing says that was the reason Swifty's fired him on Friday. But in his mind, it's a rule that's hard to follow, and a rule rarely enforced. Something, he says, should have been overlooked in this situation. 

"You get two customers, you'll have $120 on you, and you have to go drop it. But then you have more customers outside and you're leaving them unattended, I'm not going to get shot over somebody else's money. Would I have still gotten fired if I got shot," Channing said.

Channing is now on the hunt for a new job. One he hopes will help him, get over the fear and the hurt he still has.

"They fired me. I could have been shot though. I could've been shot. I'm scared still. I know I shouldn't be. I know they've been caught, but I'm still shook," Channing said.

14 News reached out to Swifty's on Friday to see if management wanted to say anything about Channing losing his job. We have not heard back.

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