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Chandler man says not all scooter drivers are bad drivers

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Right now there is a local petition drive for tougher scooter laws in Evansville.

However, not everyone is on board with the changes.

Some say not every scooter driver is a bad driver and they want lawmakers to know that.

People like Brian Wilson say a few bad eggs give mopeds a bad wrap, and for him, it's about getting around and earning a paycheck.

Wilson is a mechanic at Scooter Stop on Garvin.

He rides back and forth from Chandler each day, saving hundreds of dollars a month in gas.

Proponents of tougher laws want licenses and insurance to be requirements.

Some say scooters are dangerous and cause damage to other vehicles.

So far, they've gathered nearly 600 online signatures in support and a couple hundred more on paper.

But riders say perceptions on the road put them in danger.

"They treat me real bad sometimes," said Wilson. "They try to run me off the road, throw things at me and cuss me out, and just stupid stuff. They think we're out there doing no good but we're just trying to get to work."

Police say crashes and thefts of scooters are skyrocketing and new laws are necessary.

To sign petition, click here.

The bill could head to the house floor in the spring.

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