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Henderson mom enraged after child locked outside of school

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A Henderson County parent is upset saying her child, who's in the fifth grade, was locked out of the school building after recess.

The school says it was a mistake and the kids were only left outside for a few minutes, but the mom is not buying it.

The mom contacted 14 News on our Facebook page about this issue.

She says leaving the kids outside could be dangerous and she wants something to be done.

"To me there's no excuses for it, there's no lesson to be learned by locking kids outside," said the mother.

The mother, whose child attends Niagara Elementary School in Henderson County, says her child and three others were left outside at recess.

The mother says the kids who did line up asked the teacher if they could go get the others to come inside, but according to the mother, "She looked at the student and said I want to teach them a lesson, I don't understand what lesson could be taught by locking kids outside. If she said this, if she didn't say this, the point is, four kids did get locked outside. That's a safety issue to me, there's a lot of things that could've happened."

The doors at Niagara Elementary automatically lock after they're closed for security reasons.

The mother says her child was scared and didn't know what to do.

"The doors are to keep the bad people out, not to keep the kids out," said the mother.

She says if this was a way of punishing the kids, she disagrees with how it was handled.

The Henderson County School admits the kids were locked outside for a few minutes, but they say it wasn't on purpose.

The released a statement saying, "It was brought to Henderson County Schools attention by 14 News today that a concerned parent from Niagara Elementary School contacted 14 News with allegations that four children were left outside the building after recess. After internal investigation and speaking to Niagara Elementary School's Principal Paige O'Nan, it was concluded that once the 5th grade students lined up from recess and entered the building to attend lunch, four 5th grade students were entering the building by another Niagara Elementary School staff member 3 minutes after the other 5th grade students had entered the building. Those four students realized they did not hear the whistle to line up from recess and were then escorted in by another teacher that was on the playground at that time since the school doors automatically lock. Typically a head count is appropriate and with that said, Principal Paige O'Nan is conducting an internal personnel investigation on this matter. Principal Paige O'Nan stated that no intentional actions were taken to keep the four students from entering the building."

The mother says she feels like the school is treating this issue lightly.

"My child's safety is not nothing," said the mother. "My child's safety is everything and I assume everyday when I drop her off at school that she is going to be 100% safe and that the teachers are going to make sure of that."

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