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Police: Student arrested after officers find switchblade

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A Central High School student is in jail after authorities say he brought a weapon to school. 

Evansville Police arrested 18-year-old Harley Held after they found a switchblade in his pocket.

14 News spoke with Harley on Friday. He tells us he found the switch blade Thursday morning in the school's parking lot. He says he put it in his pocket and was going to give it to Assistant Principal Wright when he got in.

According to the police report, Harley admitted to officials that he found the knife and had been flashing it to other students in the school.

School officials say a student reported the knife to the office and authorities pulled Harley out of class.

Officials say Harley admitted the knife was in his pocket and that he knew it was illegal to have on school grounds. 

Harley says he was expelled from North High School two years ago, but he enrolled himself at Central because he wants an education and never thought he'd be taken from school...to jail.

"I really did not think it would lead to this," said Harley. "I thought I was doing the right thing, somebody else could be crazy picking it up. Look what happens when you help other people," he said.

School officials say Harley was simply showing the knife to other students and at no time threatened anyone.

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