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Pittsburgh man paddles down the Ohio River just "for fun"

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This time of year you'd expect to see plenty of boats out on the river, but probably not a canoe.

A man from Pittsburgh is paddling the entire length of the Ohio River.

Ian Davis learned how to canoe as a young boy growing up in Canada.

He spent 25 years as a businessman and now he's getting back to the basics, and the great outdoors.

He's dealt with heat, storms, rough waters and poison ivy.

It's all part of the adventure of a lifetime.

"It's the swoosh of the power stroke and then the trickle of the water coming back and dripping off the paddle on the return stoke," said Ian.

Those are the sounds of Ian Davis' summer.

Steady strokes carried him west, paddling about a thousand miles on the Ohio in a canoe seemed to qualify.

On June 1, Ian left home in Pittsburgh setting his sights on the small river town of Cairo, Illinois.

Keeping him company along the way are two beautiful ladies: his 10-month-old puppy, Gracie, and Elinore, his trusty wooden canoe named after his late mother.

When Elinore was first built back in the 60's, she belonged to a different adventurer: a teenager named David Burt.

"David and his best pal Chuck paddled this canoe for two summers in '64 and '65," said Ian. "Then in 1966, in the spring, they were both killed in a car crash when they were hit by a semi."

For 45 years, the canoe sat in storage.

Until Ian came along and brought her back to life.

"So a lot of this trip is me living that big adventure in life that David never had a change to because he didn't make it," said Ian.

This BIG adventure is all about the ride.

Some days Ian paddles a lot up to 12 hours, other times he takes it a little easier.

When it's time to rest, he finds somewhere to set up camp. Meals come in the organic, freeze-dried variety.

There's also the issue of technology. As a modern day vagabond, Ian has to keep up with his Facebook page. That's how he is documenting his journey.

He uses a solar panel to charge his phone.

It seems like a lot of stuff, but Ian manages to make it all fit with plenty of room on board Elinore.

In a few weeks, Summer will come to an end and with it are the simple, soothing sounds making their way down the Ohio River.

But this adventure is something Ian will always have with him.

"This is part of living for me," said Ian. "Everybody's got their own version of what it means to really live. Most people never do it, but I'm doing it."

You can follow Ian's journey on his Facebook page, The Point to Cairo.

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