Some Owensboro parks will get new playground equipment

Maxine Griffith has lived most of her life near Kendall-Perkins Park in Owensboro. She says the park has changed a lot since she last played in it. "They use to have a swimming pool and they had a building where they use to make crafts," said Griffith.

Griffith's younger cousins spend their free time at the same park she once played it. They too will see changes to the area. The city of Owensboro will be replacing playground equipment at English Park, Kendall-Perkins Park, and Goose Egg Park. "Typically playground equipment will last between 12-15 years depending on the weather and the amount of usage," said Amanda Rogers, Owensboro Parks and Recreation Manager, "We're at the point with Goose Egg. Kendall-Perks, and English that it is just time for those three locations based upon the status that they're in to be replaced."

The city has been setting aside money over the last couple of years for the $240,000 project. The city says the new playground equipment will have an improved design. "With these playgrounds we've really done a good job of taking money and getting the biggest bang for our buck. So at each location we are increasing the amount of play value at each site," said Rogers.

The city of Owensboro says they will begin replacing the equipment in October.

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