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Kentucky Lawmaker accused of sexual harassment

A Western Kentucky lawmaker is facing accusations of sexual harassment.

An investigation is now underway in the Legislative Ethics Commission.

State Representative, John Arnold, of Sturgis has been accused by two women of sexual harassment.

14 News spoke with his neighbors on Thursday, who say the allegations are ridiculous.

"I don't believe it just from everything I know about him, he's always been really nice to us," said Jennifer Carrico.

Jennifer lives across the street from Arnold.

The two women accusing him of sexual harassment work with the Legislative Research Commission.

Jennifer has been a long time neighbor of Arnold's and says that is not like him.

"My whole thing is I try not to believe things about people unless I've seen something to back that up, you know something as evidence," said Jennifer.

Neighbors say Arnold helps the neighborhood and that he's a really nice guy.

"He don't act like that kind of man around here," said  Franklin Brunson."He always acts like a gentleman and nice guy and always helps everybody he can."

A Louisville radio station broke the story on Wednesday.

The two women say the harassment began back in 2010.

According to one of them, the first incident was when she accused Arnold of grabbing her underwear while she was walking up the steps of the capital in Frankfort.

Regardless what the rumor is, Jennifer is standing by her neighbor.

"He's an important member of our community," said Jennifer.

14 News reached out to Representative Arnold's office on Thursday, but we were unable to speak with him.

House Speaker, Greg Stumbo addressed the issue who says Arnold could be expelled from the House if the charges are true.

Under a new resolution, House Lawmakers would have to undergo annual sexual harassment sensitivity training if they were to be accused with sexual harassment.

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