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Transgender man gets to keep driver's license, BMV apologizes

We have a 14 News update about one man's fight against the BMV after he says he legally changed his gender and they wanted him to change it back. 

Ajax Holdin is a female to male transgender individual and he says this is the first time he's felt discriminated against.

Holdin says he changed his gender on his ID not only to be recognized as a man, but also for legal reasons.

The BMV granted the gender change and then asked him to come back in to change it back, but after the BMV saw our story on Wednesday, they've apologized to Ajax and say he'll be able to keep that male ID.

Ajax says the ID was an important step in legally marrying his wife, Amy.

They signed their marriage license on Monday and applied to health insurance as a married couple this week.

If the male gender license was voided the marriage and their insurance were both in jeopardy.

Ajax has been taking hormones for the past eight months and although he hasn't received surgery to change his gender, the BMV only requires treatment to make the permanent change from female to male.

Today the couple is relieved and can truly celebrate their victory. 

"We had our ceremony almost a year ago so having that marriage license we had to wait a whole year to get all the benefits from it so it's kind of nice to have that and we definitely weren't ready to give it up," said Holdin.

Ajax says the next step in his transition is to receive top surgery and hopes to do that in the coming months. 

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