Dying man's wish makes money fall from the sky, literally

A dying man's final wish brings joy to delaware residents, as money literally falls from the sky.
Irish eyes were actually a little worried at first Saturday when everyone suddenly heard the chopper coming. 
"One of the servers ran down the ramp saying oh my god oh my god, but turns out, it was just a guy throwing money out the window of a helicopter," says Kami Fisher, a server at Irish Eyes.
In a cozy beach town where everyone usually just watches the boats go by, everyone was suddenly looking up. And then they did what you'd expect- they hauled it over to the drop zone. 
Turns out that Leonard Maull, a bait shop owner there for years, had it in his will- one year after he dies, on a sunny summer Saturday, he wanted a chopper to drop 10 thousand dollars in 5's, 10's 20's and 50's from the sky.  
His accountant carried out his wish, calling police at the last minute to alert them that crowd control would be needed.  
Nobody seemed to get any cell phone video of all this- they were too busy trying to grab the money- one waiter got 450 bucks.

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