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Nearly a dozen Warrick Co. employee jobs on the chopping block

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11 employees and another position are on the chopping block in Warrick County to help fill a massive budget shortfall. 

Council members are calling this a worst-case scenario, but say right now, they have no other option but to layoff nearly a dozen employees.

"We were hoping it would never get to this stage," County Council President Gary Meyer said.

Within each office in Warrick County, employees say they've been left in the dark.

"A lot of it was rumors. Bad rumors," said Tonya Higgs, a county employee.

But on Wednesday night, the county council made it official. They say 12 positions will be cut unless other funding is found before the final budget on October 17.

"We got to save a million dollars and to do that, unfortunately, we have to look at reduction of force," Meyer said. 

The layoffs will make up the majority of a $1.1 million budget shortfall. Meyer says the rest will likely come from cuts to healthcare.

"In county government, it comes to the point that our funding is not there and there's nothing else we can do," Meyer said.

Councilmen say that lack of funding is from the state and it's only going to get worse. Some calling this the toughest decision in their public careers.

"I don't sleep nights. I'm sure the council haven't slept nights. You never want to eliminate somebody's job," Meyer said.

Councilmen are hoping this will have a minimal impact on services. Departments will begin being notified on Thursday. The final budget is due October 17. 

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