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Jasper looking to redevelop its downtown/riverfront

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Jasper is looking to redevelop its downtown and riverfront night. Some ideas were presented to the public on Tuesday night.

City Works Consultants and Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz presented viable ideas for redeveloping the town's riverfront and downtown area.

"We looked at many different things, including connectivity. We focused on Main Street, the courthouse being a signature on the north end of Main Street," Mayor Seitz said. "But as we look south, there's nothing. It ends up in trees along the banks of the Patoka River. What could happen on that other end?"

Near the other end, Jasper has already redeveloped the old Train Depot and is continuing to redevelop the Riverwalk. But Mayor Seitz says that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"The other aspect is the consideration of a small street, that's Second Street on the east side of Main, and perhaps expanding that into a pedestrian street but still have vehicle access," Mayor Seitz said.

Seitz says that new street would extend from south Newton to Third. It would provide better access to the Riverwalk and Depot.

Mayor Seitz says, with the city's approximately 500,000 square feet in vacant industrial space, new hotels, apartments, and restaurants are real possibilities.

Residents say the new Riverwalk and Depot have been very popular since they were redeveloped. Proving people want those changes.

"When they put the riverwalk in, that filled up quick. Now it seems like it's over-populated. So really, it seems like it'd be nice to have another place to walk around. But yeah, new hotels and restaurants would be nice," resident Anthony Beckham said. 

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