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Owensboro hoping to improve safety in some neighborhoods


The City of Owensboro says their plans for one of their most recent purchases will help improve safety in some neighborhoods.

Whaylon Coleman has spent the last few years living in the house he grew up in. He says he knows all of his neighbors except one.

"I don't know this neighbor because this house has been abandoned for quite some time now. I think it's probably the only house on the street like it," Coleman said.

The roof on the Cravens Avenue home has fallen in and Coleman says he always sees cats going in and out of the house, but that's soon going to change.

The City of Owensboro recently purchased seven foreclosed homes with plans to clean them up.

"They are an attractive nuisance for kids, safety problems, they attract rodents, They attract criminal activity and now this process has put us in the position where we can demo those house and rehabilitate those lots," said Ed Ray, Owensboro's city attorney.

The city says it will cost $60,000 to knock down the homes and rehabilitate the lots. Then, they plan to sell them to recoup some of the funds.

"This is great for the community because now through the master commissioner sale those properties can be taken care of," Ray said.

Coleman says he is looking forward to seeing the abandon house torn down.

"At least the property will be cleared and you can see the potential for future growth for some new family to move here," Coleman said.

The city says they plan to start knocking down the homes in the next three months.

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