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Authorities investigating strange discovery at Dubois Co.'s 911 call center

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Authorities in Dubois County are investigating a strange discovery at the county's 911 call center. 

Last week, they found a plastic object that possibly contained explosive materials inside the center's fuel tank. Now they're trying to make the call center a safer place.

Just a few days after a strange object was discovered inside of a fuel tank at the Dubois County Dispatch Center, deputies still aren't sure exactly what the object is or who put it there.

But what they, and employees here, do know is- they need some stronger safety measures.

"It was some type of container or some sort. It's made out of plastic," said Deputy Stuart Wilson. 

Deputy Wilson says a maintenance worker found the deformed object last Thursday while performing routine maintenance that's done every six months.

"And I don't know if it's deformed because it melted, or if it was deformed because of the small area where it was placed at. We're just not sure," Deputy Wilson said.

The object had to have been placed inside the fuel tank deliberately, since the only way to put it in there is to unscrew an access panel. But since the item could've been placed there at any time in the past six months, figuring out who put it there, why, and when will be difficult.

"It's surprising because this area is normally very safe and you wouldn't think of anything like that happening here," said Kim Wampler with Landscaper Pro. 

Following this weird discovery, Dispatch Director Janice Love requested additional safety measures in and around the center.

Wampler just across the street says things like extra police patrols and better lighting in the area couldn't hurt.

"I think that'll be a welcome thing because we do have a lot of employees that work here late at night, and go out in the parking lots. So the added security would be nice," Wampler said.

Deputies say that unidentified object is being tested at a state lab for possible explosive material, and that those test results should be back within the next few days. 

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