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Princeton officials drawing the line on heavy trash pick-up


Princeton city officials say they have been picking up a lot of heavy trash lately, and now they are drawing the line.

Officials tell 14 News that their crews are working overtime on Tuesday to pick up trash in neighborhoods because they're down to one truck. Officials say the garbage pickup is done by hand, so some piles of trash like are simply unacceptable. 

"What we're seeing is a lot of furniture, mattresses, couches, box springs, love seats, and things like that," Princeton Water Superintendent J.B. Brines said.

Brines took over control of the trash pick-up in February. He says the city garbage trucks were made for household trash and can't handle the heavy items. 

"It's costly for us, fuel, labor wise, to pick all this stuff up. We have an ordinance in place that says we don't pick this stuff up," Brines said.

But crews have been making their rounds in the afternoon to pick up those items
and haul them away because, Brines says, "We don't want it to lay around, and right now, we don't have a system to keep people from doing that."

That city has three trucks, only one of which is currently in operation. On Tuesday, it looks like crews made rounds in neighborhoods, but one resident says it's not trash day, it's what it looks like everyday. 

"They party every, practically every night and then they throw their trash everyday. Then I seen like TVs and limbs and stuff like that. Like I said, it needs to be cleaned up," resident Randall Wilkins said. 

Brines says 55 gallon drums are too heavy for crews to handle. Changes to the ordinance will strengthen the 35 pound limit on trash cans. 

"It's gotten completely out of hand and we just can't continue to do this," Brines said.

Officials says they're working on setting up a large trash pickup day so that residents can dispose of carpets and couches more safely.  

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