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Local credit union finds fun way to raise funds for feet

A local credit union is drumming up support for people who go without shoes every day and they've found a fun way to encourage employees to raise money.

Heritage Federal Credit Union in Newburgh is just one of seven branches in Indiana taking part in this fundraiser.

Employees were invited to go casual today with a $15 donation.

They can wear any shoes they want, even frog slippers.

Each person that participates generates a pair of shoes to Samaritan's Feet. A global organization helping some 300 million people who go without shoes everyday. We are told many of them are children who are plagued with foot-borne illnesses and those that are lucky to have them wear shoes two sizes too small.

"I think we've all had minor foot injuries, we've stubbed a toe or something, and it's very painful and it's an annoyance" said Ruth Jenkins, CEO. "But what if that was our life every day? We forget those things. If $15 is what stands between me and someone having a pair of shoes I can very easily share," Jenkins said. 

The shoes will end up at Samaritan Feet's Midwest office in Indianapolis. They'll be distributed around the world and even some in our own backyards.

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