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Owensboro looking into marina possibilities

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There's a study underway to see if a marina should be built in Owensboro. 

When the waves are smooth and the weather is nice, you can find Tim White riding his jet ski up and down the Ohio River.

"It's easy to maneuver on the water. You can get into places where most people can't. It's a lot of fun because when the water is calm like it is now and it's not so choppy. It makes it easier to ride," White said. 

Someday White may be able to store his jet ski at English Park instead of hauling it from his Utica home. The City of Owensboro will conduct a study to build an inland marina at English Park.

"If you think about the number of boaters we have in this community, but more importantly the number of boats that travel past this community and don't stop because there's not a facility. It makes sense to ask the question- why haven't we done a study," Owensboro City Manager Bill Parrish asked. 

The City of Owensboro says they are studying English Park because of the parks close distance to the convention center and downtown businesses.

"If you think about capturing an economic impact of passing boaters or boaters in this community who want to tie up their boats at an Inland Marina, it makes sense to focus on English Park," Parrish said.

White says he thinks a marina at English Park would be a perfect fit with all of the people using the boat ramp at the park.

The city says they will have a private company do the study and hope to get the results by the end of the year or by early next year. 

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