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Are changes coming to Washington Square Mall?

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A new restaurant and anchor store will soon be moving into Evansville's Washington Square Mall. 

Several store owners at the mall tell 14 News that Midland Atlantic Development out of Cincinnati is the company looking to buy the mall.

Recently, Midland Atlantic brought blueprints to store owners at Washington Square Mall. They demonstrate the way Midland would like to see the mall set-up. An outdoor court-yard separating KC's Time Out Lounge, a new restaurant, and the installation of a new anchor store opposite of Sears.

"I would like to see them repurpose this building. I hate to see another empty building. So, I guess I like the plans that they're thinking about doing something with it, not just letting it sit empty," Evansville resident Kathy Oeth said.

According to the Vanderburgh County Assessor's website, Washington Square Mall is currently owned by HK Partners LLC and is leased by Hahn Realty. 

14 News spoke with several store owners who didn't want to go on camera, but said if Midland Atlantic buys the mall, rent will be raised significantly for its current tenants.

"Well, certainly right now, we have not gone into any discussions regarding rent and how much we're going to pay in the future to remain here at the Washington Square Mall. Certainly, those things are negotiable," said Dr. David Schultz with Evansville Primary Care.

Some believe Midland Atlantic's plans could revitalize the mall. Others do not.

"I don't know that there's anything that's going to, like, save it. But I do think that anything we can do to keep from having vacant buildings in Evansville is a plus," Oeth said.

Some store owners say a deal to acquire the mall by Midland Atlantic is expected to be done by September 1. 

Rumors abound over what that new anchor store will be where the Old Merchant's Outlet building now stands, but nothing is set in stone for these renovations. 

Neither Midland Atlantic nor HK Partners LLC returned our phone calls on Monday, but we will update this story as we learn more.

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